See 1 question about A Bride Most Begrudging…. I’d be scared too if some man who obviously liked me made me sleep in the same room as him, alone. Plus sometimes the main characters seemed dense to me. The whole book makes your even your toes tickle, but it is completely clean! But it had it’s heart-warming and heart-wrenching moments and it kept me reading. Constance’s older sisters were married at ages twelve and thirteen. The unexpectedness of it was that the English thought the Indians were friendly

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What’s the Name o This book was amazing! This is a great romance. I actually really, really liked this book. Drew and Constance learned to love each other despite their differences and embraced a life together.

I definitely learned some things while a bride most begrudging by deeanne gist entertained. It wasn’t present in written word of the time until about 30 years after the book was set.

While the premise – getting Constance to the colony in the first place – was a tad ridiculous, and Constance didn’t seem all that bright considering, I quite enjoyed the novel, mostly for the details of life in Virginia in the midth century, which does include some pretty old-fashioned, but historically accurate, ideas of women’s place in the home and what their level of education should be i.


Quotes from A Bride Most Begr With every woman in high demand in the colony, Constance has no choice but to marry Drew if she wants to be free of the other, far less desirable men who live in the area.

They were better warriors than that.

I, like, can’t even. I skipped all that. To me this doesn’t seem to be the best thing to focus on in a romance. Oct 30, Trisha rated it it was ok Shelves: I gave it a few chapters and it wasn’t sucking me in so I returned it to the library. Her announcement at mot end of the book took me utterly by surprise.

For instance, my suspicious mind doubts that Constance would have made the voyage to America still a maid.

A Bride Most Begrudging

The writing is good and the characters feel multi-faceted. The development of the romance was lovely. I had never heard of them.

Constance refers to Drew as giist O’Connor person” — That doesn’t sound like 17th century language, does it? Rel On Tuesday, December 5, 1 Comment. She was so kind, and submissive, and caring, and sweet.

But the warriors didn’t come up with overtures of peace.


A Bride Most Begrudging by Deeanne Gist |

BethanyBook ReviewsDeeanne Gist. And not to provide one for the grandmother’s needs would make him unfeeling indeed. A Bride Most Begrudging. The sexual tension is strong – and that’s as close to any actual sex as you’re going to get. Humor — Oh, my goodness! Jun 15, Willowy Whisper rated it really liked it. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Once Drew and Constance are married, the novel turns more into a romance than an historical, focusing more on the relationship between Drew and Constance than their relationship with the birthing of this new country.

There was faith too, not much though. The story settles primarily on three of the women who have set out for Destination to meet their matches. Still, there were enough unique aspects to Deeanne’s writing that kept me fully engrossed from start to finish. Told you he was an idiot.