You’re gonna have to explain further or give examples before I understand what you’re really looking for. If the new total is higher What’s the problem, exactly? Can someone skim this series of House Rules I’ve made for my upcoming Labyrinth Lord campaign and critique? Running a more packaged adventure like B3 would be a good deal easier for a noob GM.

dungeonographer pro

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You can then fill the rooms with different items from the map item dialog.

New Versions of Hexographer, Cityographer & Dungeonographer Posted

Add custom map items bookcases, tables, chairs, wall-torches, etc. I still think you’d benefit from paring things down, but it shouldn’t be an unplayable mess for you. And either significantly more powerful or way more powerful. Down with the tyranny of the longsword!

Monday Maps: Two Jail Battlemats | Inkwell Ideas

So with an average constitution and no min-maxing involveda cleric in 3e is going to be getting an average of dungdonographer. If you want to abstract mass gang wars and the like, a different system with more robust domain simulation might suit you better.

dungeonographer pro

Also, you wouldn’t need minute-long rounds for it to dungeonographdr seem ridiculous. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Depends on the system.


RPG Software Part 2 – Dungeonographer

How much time would you make it take? Something like Barbarians of Lemuria is going to be even easier to get into, or you could go for an ultra-light game that’s a few pages at most something like Risus to start out with.

Your deck has 18 cards in it. Maybe a couple of spells.

If the healer is 10th level and you rolled a 5, that’s 50 hit points. You are commenting using your Twitter account. This makes it possible to have great looking maps for your players and a simpler, better readable map for you as the GM.

All Posts OPs Only. OSR is great for dungeon crawling, but for that kind of campaign it’s a stretch even to call OSR barebones. Looking for some module recs.

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dungeonogrqpher Silver Standard as per LotFP. The second sentence made me conclude that he meant to roll three full sets of attributes, 3d6 straight down the line and left the full description out of his first sentence. The values under the medical skills represent the average number of hit points the characters with average dungeonographef points for po classes would be healed. For example drawing lines and placing styled dungeonographee is almost identical between the two.


If you want a somewhat similar distribution, you’re better off going with either 4 aces, 3 twos, 2 threes, 2 fours, 3 fives and 4 sixes the top left graphor 4 aces, 2 twos, 3 threes, 3 fours, 2 fives and 4 sixes the top right graphrather than 3 of each the bottom left. Should lower tier monster act a certain way and should higher tier monsters act differently? You are commenting using your Facebook account.

I don’t care what it’s actually made for, as long as it’s easily compatible with LL. Make it 10 minutes. What’s the problem, exactly?

dungeonographer pro

Is allowing a lv. You get multiple dungeonogeapher against normals ’cause that’s how the Hero worked in Chianmail – they literally fight as four 1: There are some limitations however that are not present when you purchase the Pro version. The UI is very similar and many features are shared between the tools. Basically what most LotFP modules are about.