Sayantan the drummer joined as Tanmoy went for a degree. A worthy session with the wordy Shashi Tharoor. After it is considered one of most popular bands in West Bengal. Thus, the band name was meant to convey a sense of an “underground” movement that the members felt they had initiated and their belief that they would be fossilised into history under the pressure of social disapproval of their music, only to be excavated decades later by musicologists wishing to discover the roots of Bengali rock. The VCD also contained a chat session with band members.

fossils nishkromon

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Inthe band recorded a demo version of their tracks. Views Read Edit View history. In spite of the hostile feedbacks, the band decided to stick to their sound, and for the first time in the history of Indian Bengali rock, a full-fledged, continuous, effort was made to establish the Bengali Rock sound.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. So, it was obvious that she would make a video for this nishkkromon. Na Hanyate was very easy-going, well-produced and soothing. Bubun was replaced by Tanmoy on the drums.

Fossils (band)

It was a wonderful, learning experience working with all of them. Please njshkromon further on the talk page. In Julythe band played live at Nashville in the United States. That is what I have done after Na Hanyate.


fossils nishkromon

They have always tried to do something new and have successfully done so. Decades of violence cannot crush Nagaland’s Gandhian spirit. The same year saw Fossils touring the UK [6] [11] [12] and Bangalore. The thought of nishkromon or departure comes to nishkroon human mind at some point or the other.

The name is inspired by ffossils line from one of Rupam’s lyrics: Ranbir is a great guy for Alia: Why did you opt for a live recording?

fossils nishkromon

The video is shot on HD and captures the feel of the song through colours, speed variations and expressions. A music video of my song Ei srabon from 22shey Srabonshot by Parambrata Chattopadhyaywill be aired shortly.

The group started to call themselves “Fossils” after a suggestion by their guitarist Deep. The recording had to start without Allan, whose departure was so sudden there wasn’t enough time to rework their tracks.

Rupam’s angsty album

Not only anger, any emotion that disturbs is my potential subject. That is the reason why Bangla bands are still so much in demand. It may require cleanup to comply with Wikipedia’s content policies, particularly neutral point of view. They continue to engage in activities for social welfare, such as contributing to the relief of people affected by the Cyclone Aila and another blood donation camp in My musical ideas have gone through a sea change since.


It is their anger, which they cannot talk about, and I portray that on their behalf.

Listen & view Fossils – Nishkromon lyrics & tabs

Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. The band’s second album, entitled Fossils 2was released in Now if you want to know what I am angry about, then I shall ask my listeners what they are angry about. They all nishkrokon in a lot of hard work and time unconditionally.

fossils nishkromon

When I started thinking of music fosils a career for the first time, I thought of myself as a music director, not singer. I try and bring in a completely unexplored method the next time. I trust Anurag Kashyap per cent: