Edit Did You Know? Very early in the film, Alm had once coolly explained to a distressed mother that her terminally comatose son was better off dead and should be taken off life-support. The light of God. It is a wishful dream, a hallucination. But even that has its limits, and he realizes that he, himself, with all his technical training, can do nothing to save his own son. But because of the far distance we have from them, we still see them alive. Written by Pouria Heidary Oureh.

kheili door kheili nazdik

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Since his son is an enthusiastic amateur astronomer, Dr.

So Close, So Far ()

The doctor meets a number of people along the way, but the key encounter is with the young woman doctor who attends to the village of Mesr. We also learn that he and wife are separated and that she lives in some other, apparently Western, country. But the Iranian desert is treacherous and subject to sudden, overwhelming sandstorms.

The Cleric Rest of cast listed alphabetically: The journey is, of course, metaphorical, as the doctor seeks not only to find his son, but to find an authentic and meaningful connection with his son — and perhaps to find himself, too. Written by Pouria Heidary Oureh. In the Name of the Father Mahmoud Alem, an upper-class neurosurgeon in Tehran who is high enough up in his profession to be interviewed on television talk shows.


Start your free trial. The light of God.

kheili door kheili nazdik

The Iranian Nowrouz is the major holiday of the year, and most Iranians go off on vacation during that time. They all go back to where they came from.

kheili door kheili nazdik

I recommend it to everybody wants seeing God’s role in his life. Alem, and then proceeds to describe the circumstances of life in the town.

Kheili door Kheili Nazdik

kneili In Germany, he meets his sister and her German husband. His wife ,Tahereh Hengameh GhazianiEdit Details Official Sites: It’s the best birthplace I’ve seen.

kheili door kheili nazdik

Search for ” Kheili dour, kheili nazdik ” on Amazon. Orion Nebula is great!

Mohammadreza Aligholi – Kheili Door Kheili Nazdik by Sepehr Hojjaty | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Learning that his son has had a further seizure, he urgently sets out alone in his Mercedes early in the morning. Subscribe To Posts Atom. You can contact them and see if you can buy a copy or something. Leily Is with Me This is about a father and his daughter who has been injured from the mines from Iran-Iraq war.


A film of near-universal appeal, it puts a human face kheilli Iran’s In the meantime Dr. In her way back home hazy weather changes all she had planned. Alam” plausibly acted by “Masoud Rayegan” is a skilled brain surgeon that have recently come back to Iran. Near “Nowrouz” Iranian New Year Eve They report him that his only young son has a tumor in his head and he is dying soon.

This could be interpreted in three different ways: Breathing his last breaths of oxygen-diminished air, Alem sees the overhead door of his Mercedes being opened by rescuers. The cinematography also took top honors at that festival, but it, too, has some limitations. The Glass Agency