Video Converter can save the videos and music transferred from the PC in a supported format on the mobile phone to be played later. The contacts and schedule can be synchronized with MS Outlook so that the personal information in the mobile phone can always be updated with the latest data. Email me updates Report broken link Report spam Report new version. Popular apps in File Management. It features convenient functions such as your own playlists, creating albums and so on.

samsung pc studio

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Samsung PC Studio

This window presents the available options for connecting the device to the PC. If you still have a Symbian phone you don’t want to part with, then Samsung PC Studio 7 is certainly worth having installed.

New PC Studio can replay various types of multimedia content such as photos, videos and music files stored in a PC. Rest assured that not all of these mobile phones are smartphones and, as any respectable manufacturer, Samsung has developed management applications for users owning GSM mobile phones.

Samsung PC Studio Free Download

It features convenient functions such as your own playlists, creating samsun and so on. Your contacts, calendar and tasks will always be in sync and youll be able Scheduler is for Calendar management.


Ashampoo UnInstaller will uninstall unused program Various content editing functions help users to create their own content. There are a few different applications made by Samsung which bear the name “PC Studio”, but only the newest version “New PC Studio” is compatible with their modern line of Android phones.

This also has a play function.

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USB cable and compatible port Bluetooth device and software One of the following programs studil be installed to connect Bluetooth. Help us by reporting it. Widget Settings allows users to add custom buttons for various functionalities in the main interface window besides the default buttons.

samsung pc studio

The messages can be saved or sent via the connected phone. Download Ranking in Phone 89 of Latest reviews Weather Underground: Samsung PC Studio 7.

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samsung pc studio

Events can also be added and deleted and mass import is supported. Unfortunately, the interface lacks the ease-of-use by laying icons in front of your eyes with no descriptive text. Stucio files saved in the mobile phone can be easily transferred to a PC.

The programmes supported are Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express. It connects to your Outlook and Lotus email accounts, too. In our case these options are USB and Bluetooth connection. It can be effective for both advanced users and beginners alike. Microsoft Outlook or higher Internet Explorer 5. Email me updates Report broken link Report spam Report new version.


You can manage and edit the video files in your PC and mobile phone. Connect mobile phone opens the connection preferences and users can pick which connection type to use when transferring files over.

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We certify that this program is clean of viruses, malware and trojans. Media manager can scan for Music, Photo and Video files on the PC and play them, view them, sync them with the phone, delete them and create subfolders with each type. As an extension to syncing your music and videos, this app can also perform multimedia conversions. With that said, Samsung PC Studio 7 is the last version of the phone management tool sajsung was released when Samsung phones were running on Symbian.

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