Music as abstract it is gives or rather includes different feelings in different persons. Subtle grace and artifices come out in quick and easy waves with irresistible energy. These techniques vary from region to region. India is a glittering tapestry of diversity and within this diversity there is something that is uniquely Indian. Graha Bedam is a concept where, in a given raga you play a different raga without changing the sruti and the notes of the given raga. No wonder then, in the age of Fusion and World Music Indian musicians have found a natural niche.

spark ganesh kumaresh

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Music is not just an expression of a musician’s thoughts or ideas, but is also a reflection of his or her own contemporary social life. He used the kunaresh Mridangum for Sa and Pa.

spark ganesh kumaresh

Mannargudi Sri A Easwaran has used 6 different mridangams for the recording. Expression is very important in every sphere sark our day to day life.

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It’s like wearing a jibba with jeans or having idli-vadai-sambhar and pizza-noodles on the same day or may be talking Tanglish or having the wedding reception even before the marriage is solemnized. Technically this is much easier to play than the other notessince we get an vanesh string for Shadja. In this album, we are presenting a unique concept kumwresh the Graha Bedam. This convergence is also visible in fanesh ability to adapt and play western instruments like the violin, mandolin, saxophone, guitar and so on in a traditional carnatic music concert.

Literally too Shadja means the one which gives birth to the other six notes. The link between tradition and modernity comes when the sampradayam of music reflects itself through the modern vision of each musician.


Since there are 12 positions to an octave we can say a group of 12 musicians can approximately have 12 different Shadjas. Music as abstract it is gives or rather includes different feelings in different persons.

spark ganesh kumaresh

Shat 6 ja giving birth to Each musician has his own Shadja which becomes the tonic graham or aadhara note for him. While the second century text, the Natya Sahastra, renumerates the nine basic rasas, an attempt is made here to present our version of these through music using a heap of creativity and imagination.

It’s also like using the electronic tampura with the traditional tampura on the same stage. One is musical expression, which can generally be said as the techniques employed musically to bring out the said expression.

The next shift is to the note Panchama, and we get the notes of Raga Shankarabaranam.

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These expressions help artists to convey musically what they feel. Now we are traversing the octave of Raga Hari Kambodhi.

Colors of India In this album they present a unique thematic offerring – Colors of India – with patriotic and deeply sensitive ideas and musical contours. If he is an instrumental playerthen the Shadja is fixed according to the timbre and texture of the instrument.

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Indian music like the wider cultural ethos of the sub-continent is all about assimilation, re-invention and confluence of diverse influences. Technically we need to make some adjustments to play a different kind of Raga in a given Ragalike when we are playing a phrase kumareshh Raga Sahanawe actually have to play a different set of notes of Raga Kalyani.

We have taken raga Saramati where in we have played the spagk Mokshamugalada of St Thyagaraja. It means that every musician has the right to fix his pitch according to his convenience, voice or his mood on a particular day or time.


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If we take raga Kalyaniwe not only play Kalyani raga but a whole set of different ragas without changing the sruti or the notes of Raga Kalyani It is possible mainly because of the intervals between the notes. These gamakas have over the years evolved and come to be understood and interpreted in various ways by musicians and musicologists. This new opening also gives us the freedom to play the janya ragas or Ragas having the same notes of Raga Hari Kambodhi.

So instead Of using the normal tambura we have used an electronoic tambura to make it easysimple and for convenience. Contrasts and confluences of all kinds have always found musical expression from earliest of times to date. It is a tribute to the immortal love of all time. Here the only catch is that we cannot play bashanga ragas which are janyas of Raga Hari Kambodhi like raga Raga KamasRaga Chenjuruti etc.

India has been home to mathematics since yore, and classical music is based on mathematical formulae.

Manoranjani, as the name aptly suggests this album was conceived to bring relaxation to the mind. Now we get Raga Nata Bhairavi.

Graha Bedam is a concept where, in a given raga you play a different raga without kumagesh the sruti and the notes of the given raga.