The license files will be sent to you after you have paid the invoice and registered your licenses. Provide your contact information. But you might receive occasionally emails from Terrasolid concerning new products, promotions and events. Software maintenance is mandatory for new licenses. Click on the Create a New Ticket button below. The invoice shows all necessary details for international payments. Some parts of the webhelp may be left out on purpose in the PDF document.


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The results from the automatic classification can be refined by using half-automatic and manual classification tools in combination with versatile 3D point cloud visualization options.

The subscription continues automatically unless the customer terminates it before the annual cancellation deadline 31st of December.


Software running on top of Bentley products: The typical uses of TerraScan Lite are visualization of laser data, manual point classification, automatic classification of model or contour keypoints and model extraction, as well as manual check and modification of building vector models that have been created automatically with the TerraScan building vectorization tool.

All information related to one problem should be added to the existing ticket. Please click the Start Download button below in order to start the download process.


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Last update on this website: For valid customers who already own Terrasolid software licenses, any new licenses will be added to their valid Maintenance Agreement. Create an account and use all features of terraeolid website. Point cloud management, processing and visualization is only one part of TerraScan. More advices and instructions for submitting a support request General advices: This may avoid additional back and forth emails.

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If a ticket is created on behalf of you, you may also receive a notification. Please contact Terrasolid for any further information about the software, training optionsand support. Terrasolid software versions are running on top of Bentley products as listed in the following table. If you write in another language than English, the processing time depends on the availability of a Terrasolid staff member who can handle the ticket or act as a translator.

Bentley announced that the problems caused by Windows 10 Update Spring Creator, April have been fixed by another Windows update issued 24th of July Send the signed form as scanned PDF by email to Terrasolid.

Terrasolid User Guides User Guides are published for the bit and bit versions of Terrasolid applications separately. If a solution for a problem has been found, the ticket is closed by our support staff.


Point display methods Automatic and manual terrzsolid tools 3D vector data creation Building vectorization 3D building models Open enlarged image with two mouse clicks. The new license files are sent to you before 31st of March, the expiration date of your old licenses.


Share Facebook Twitter LinkedIn. Language selection Select the Language for the software. Provide information about your Terrasolid Software setup. Please read the emails that are sent to you carefully.

If you send a support request to a personal email address, a ticket is created by the Terrasolid person on behalf of you.

By making a purchase order, you accept the terms of our Software License Agreement and the Terrzsolid Agreement. The web form is the preferred channel for support requests. It is invoiced annually and includes software maintenance.

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You may also purchase software from the reseller of your country. Terrasolid does not accept direct emails with technical support questions anymore. It shall be updated together with the webhelp.

The Software name and its Version numberas well as the Platform on which you run Terraoslid software MicroStation terrasloid or Windows for stand-alone applications and the OS of your PC may help our support team to reconstruct your problem.